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What our customers say about our delicious, silky smooth goat's milk clotted cream and halloumi made from our lovely British goats in Devon.

I got some halloumi and some ricotta for Christmas from my sister. Both were fantastic! My partner has an intolerance to lactose and it was beautiful to enjoy these together. Ricotta with spinach in home made ravioli with a pesto of three cornered leek was out of this world. I'll be back to buy stuff.

Really happy with the whole experience. Such a friendly call to place my order, then I was kept up to date with when it would arrive. When my Halloumi and Clotted Cream came they were well packed and perfectly fresh. They taste delicious, and I can heartily recommend them.

Efficient, friendly postal service, of a delightful pot of Clotted cream and tasty Halloumi cheese. Wonderful, Thank you

I have always been a lover of halloumi but the halloumi I received from Wrixhill surpasses all others and by quite some way. A gentle but delightful flavour with that 'gooey give' in the consistency, it was perfect. I simply gently fried in some oil and butter and added to a salad. Amazing

Thankyou so much for the Halloumi and Clotted cream . They tasted Amazing!!! I actually prefer your clotted cream to the normal stuff! The Halloumi was lovely . I highly recommend both .

The clotted cream is delicious - lovely flavour and satin smooth. We have eaten it with fresh fruit and cold desserts. A dollop in a home-made rice pudding makes it, to borrow Rick Stein's favourite word, 'unctuous'. Including the clotted cream in our home-made ice cream has made the ice cream really special. Excellent service and quick delivery - we will be using Wrixhill Dairy very often.

Really tasty - I lightly fried thin slices and served with roasted vegetables. I love goats cheese but husband not usually keen but he couldn't tell it was from goat milk.

The halloumi was delicious! Wonderful taste and texture. It went perfectly with a summery salad, we will certainly order again and recommend Wrixhill Dairy to friends. Thanks!

Placed my order Monday and the cream arrived on Tuesday,safely packaged to keep it cool ... it was a good service . And it is absolutely delicious! Cracked it open and had some with some cake in the afternoon ... had to have a second lot with raspberries after my supper!! Gorgeous creamy silky texture! So I am glad that, instead of the one pot of cream I had intended to order when I originally contacted Wrixhill, I doubled up and ordered two pots because they had picked up the phone and we chatted a bit! Looking forward to trying some of their other products too. Pretty sure they have another hooked customer now ... I won't be their biggest, but probably a reasonably regular customer now! Thanks Wrixhill for a great service!

The smooth & light texture is very different and totally delicious. Definitely not sickly or cloying like some cows milk products. The bright white appearance is very pleasing on the eye as is the natural sweetness on the taste buds. Will definitely buy this again.

“Hi Jenny! My partner, Vlad, and I just had some cream for our (very late!) lunch. It is amazing. Vlad is Portuguese and his first words were ‘deliciousness on a plate’. It just moved to the top of my essentials list. Even above my face cream! Really, really good. I never thought I would be able to eat clotted cream, so you have actually made a dream come true!”

Just wanted to let you know how much Jan and I enjoyed your goats clotted cream, we found it had a lovely consistency and the flavour was good with no fatty residue. Jan is very fussy and when she saw how white it was she was not keen but after tasting it she preferred it to cows clotted cream. Really looking forward to getting some to go on homemade jam and scones!

The Wrixhill Dairy goats clotted cream I have recently tried and was pleasantly surprising with its smooth, white, creamy taste and flavoursome 'melt in the mouth' texture. It has a almost sweet creamy taste and not as sickly as other clotted creams. Yummy!

We love this luxurious product. The super smooth texture and pure snowy white colour ensure that you know you are consuming something unique.

Having myself and members of my family sampled Wrixhill Goats Clotted Cream, it gets a definite thumbs up! Smooth, light and positively delightful without the fatty after taste of cows cream. Absolutely no goaty after taste and the perfect accompaniment to deserts and any dish you wish to add it to. Is there more was the question we asked!! So a fabulous thumbs up. More please!

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