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Delicious cuts of goats meat reared on the banks of the Tamar Valley.

Goats' Meat

**We do not currently have any Goats Meat available and won't for the forseeable future**

We are delighted to be able to offer delicious cuts of goat meat for sale from our dairy. Goat meat is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and we are not surprised why; its lean, its low in cholesterol and saturated fat and its absolutely delicious. There are many health benefits to goat meat and not only does it taste great but it is adding value to what it otherwise considered a waste product in the goat dairy industry.

In the production of goats milk for cheese, yoghurt and otherwise the male kids do not normally have a purpose but by consuming more goat meat, these beautiful animals have a role and we are keen to celebrate their place and what they have to offer. Our male kids are reared on our Devon farm and graze the fields on the banks of the river Tamar until about 10 - 12 months. They are beautifully lean at this age but still lovely and mild in goaty flavour. We think it tastes a little bit like lamb but is lighter in flavour and more succulent in texture. Why not give it a go!

Our price list is as follows: -

Sausages:  £4 per pack

Diced meat: £12 per kilo

Leg of Goat: £20

Shoulder of Goat: £20

Mince meat: £7 per kilo

Dressed whole carcass: £4 per kilo

You can buy direct from us or find our goat meat at Palmers in Tavistock, Downings in Tavistock, Devon and Philip Warren's in Launceston, Cornwall all subject to availability.

Please get in touch to find out more or place an order via our Contact page