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Follow our story of how it all began and how we discovered the benefits of goat's milk on our farm in Devon

We bought our first few goats in 2015 after our daughter Isabella was born. When she moved on from breast milk to cows' milk she developed eczema so we started looking for an alternative. We were delighted that goats milk provided the answer; she responded really well to it and her skin has been clear ever since.

Three of our first goats
Three of our original six
Getting acquainted
Our daughter Bella

We were amazed at the difference it made and started looking into the other health benefits of goats milk. We didn't realise what a fantastic product it was and how good for you it could be so we decided to buy a few goats of our own to add to our existing cow dairy farm in Devon.

Milking our goats by hand
James milking Mezze, one of our original six, on a bespoke milking stand

More modern methods of milking our goats

As our goat herd grew in numbers, we moved on to more modern methods!

One thing led to another...

Being dairy farmers already, milking the goats just seemed the natural thing to do! As our love of goats has grown so has our numbers - we now milk over 200 every day. As well as selling the delicious and nutritious fresh milk, and enjoying it ourselves, we also began making goats cheese and bread (using the whey from the cheese making process) as well as clotted cream.

Our family dairy farms

Coincidentally both James and I grew up on dairy farms in Devon and both our parents set up milk rounds in the local area and made and sold cows clotted cream; it's funny to think now that they were in direct competition with each other! We were both lucky enough to have clotted cream as a food staple and I remember my father always having it on his cornflakes every morning for breakfast!

Fast forward 20 years James and I met and still have a mutual love of cows clotted cream despite both family milk rounds and clotted cream productions having long since ceased.

Discovering the taste of goats clotted cream

We were both intrigued as to what clotted cream made with goats milk would be like so decided to give it a try and were amazed with the results. It's pure white, it's silky, it's indulgent and luxuriously creamy... and it's suitable for people who cannot easily digest cows products. Which means Isabella can now grow up enjoying this Westcountry 'staple' the same way we did all those years ago. We love it and we hope you'll love it too.

Bella enjoying our goats milk clotted cream