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Delicious, silky smooth clotted cream and 100% goats milk halloumi cheese, made from our lovely British goats in Devon, delivered straight to your door.

Wrixhill Dairy's goats milk clotted cream is lactose-friendly alternative to cows milk clotted cream that has the same indulgent creamy flavour but is even more luxurious and silky than regular clotted cream, with no hint of goaty-ness. With a long history of making clotted cream on our Devon farm we are confident that if you like regular clotted cream, you'll love this.

We are delighted to now be producing tangy, springy and slightly salty halloumi cheese. Made from 100% goats milk it is rich in quality, texture and flavour and much more like the traditional halloumi made in Cyprus than the halloumi you might find in the UK which is mostly made from cows milk. With a high melting point it can be fried, BBQ'd, added to salads and eaten as a wonderfully tasty meat alternative. 

The clotted cream is delicious - lovely flavour and satin smooth. We have eaten it with fresh fruit and cold desserts. A dollop in a home-made rice pudding makes it, to borrow Rick Stein's favourite word, 'unctuous'. Including the clotted cream in our home-made ice cream has made the ice cream really special. Excellent service and quick delivery - we will be using Wrixhill Dairy very often.

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